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Dr Jotello Festiri Soga

South Africa's First Veterinarian

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The Documentary Preview

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Dear Visitor:

Welcome to the new Jotello Soga Documentary website, created exclusively to widen awareness and support our fund raising campaign for this important educational film.

Fresh Eye, Clear Lens Productions is the documentary production group that is making the film about Dr Jotello Soga, South Africa’s first veterinarian.

We intend to complete and release the film this year, the 25th Anniversary of the ‘new’ South Africa to mark the election of the late President Nelson Mandela in 1994. In that year, South Africa held is first free and all inclusive election after more than 400 years of foreign or minority rule. Like President Mandela, Dr Soga was a member of the Xhosa ethnic, cultural and linguistic group.


Please let us know what you think about our documentary – and this new website by clicking on the “Feedback” button below. I welcome your ideas about this new website.


Your opinion is important to us because our goal is to attract your interest, and to bring exciting and little known aspects of South African history to life.


Thank you very much.


Jesse W. Lewis Jr.
Managing Partner & Executive Producer
Fresh Eye, Clear Lens Productions