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Our documentary film projects are not commercial ventures for financial return and profit. 

Rather, the value . . . the real benefit . . . ought be calculated in the context of expanding awareness and, of course, pride. 

We want our documentaries to inspire all South Africans, particularly young South Africans of all races and cultural groups, whose perceptions of their past and their hopes for their future are still being formed. 

At the same time, we want all South Africans to be aware of  the influence of the four individuals about whom our films are being made have on contemporary events and on their own lives. 

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"If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten."



All South Africans should be aware of all aspects of their history, particularly the episodes that contain examples of bravery, sacrifice and accomplishment. All South Africans may not embrace all of this history with same passion – but they all should know about it. 


And all should appreciate the parts of this history that others hold dear. 


This concept of shared history and common future is something we want to convincingly state and strengthen because they are vital ingredients for secure ,and confident development. 


The driving force . . . the fundamental purpose . . . of Fresh Eye, Clear Lens is to make a positive contribution to this process. ​

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